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Can you remember it? In the beginning, it was heart.

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June 2, 2022
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Biological Heart


My mother says that when I was born I was smiling with such a big smile. Right fresh out of my mother’s belly: first mission accomplished! I guess I was so happy about it.

The one in the photo it’s me, a few hours after being born. Can you see it? I was already wondering… What is this all about? I can’t remember…

Some say that we live life as we are born. Here I am. With a big smile, wondering, and looking for temporary answers to the BIG questions in life.

Did you know that the heart forms and starts beating before the brain begins to develop?

Right after the spermatozoon and the ovum became one, cells started to multiply and you became a heart.

The cardiovascular system is the first system to form and function in an embryo, and the heart is the first functional organ.

Illustration fo the heart development in the Human Embryo

“The human heart develops on day 18 or 19 following fertilization. For the next 50 days, your formation took you on a journey across 1 billion years of evolution. ”
Dr. Gerald D. Buckber, M.D.


As Dr. Gerald D. Buckberg explains in his 2001 public lecture at the 81st American Association for Thoracic Surgery (AATS) annual meeting, it was Spanish cardiologist Dr. Francisco Torrent Guash the one who connected the dots to fully understand the significance of the human heart’s shape and embryonary development.

• On day 20 the human heart’s cardiovascular system mirrors (has the shape of) the one of a 1 billion years old worm.

• On day 25 it mirrors 400.000.000 years old fish.

• On day 30 it mirrors 200.000.000 years old amphibia and reptile.

• On day 50 it mirrors 100.000 years old aves and mamarian.

Illustration of the biological heart and circulatory system in 1 billion years of evolution across species


Isn’t it fascinating?!?

The whole planetary evolution is contained, literally, at the heart of who we are.

Remember, when you listen to your biological heartbeat, each and every being on this planet is resonating within it.

Place a hand on your chest. Close your eyes. Take some deep and slow breaths.

Can you sense the whole universe beating at the center of your chest?

Boom Boom Ba Boom. Connect with that deep and infinite sense of (universal) hope.

Yeah! In the beginning, it was Heart.

There is more to explore and re-discover in walking The Journey to the Heart.

Start Here!


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Image 2: Dr. Gerald D. Buckber, M.D. 
Image 3: Biological Heart 1 billion years of evolution across species.

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