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March 31 - 6 minutes
I used to be a control freak and a perfectionist.
Creating is a vulnerable act. There is no right, there is no wrong, no better, and no worst. There is no failure, only learnings. I am perfectly imperfect. To create with my whole soul I must let go of control. I must accept the “half-done”, the “this is not completely okay”, and... (watch out!) let it be in the public eye. Ahhhh, almost a panic attack! Can you already sense what I am talking about between the lines? 
Biological Heart
January 12 - 6 minutes
Is your heart something more than a blood pump?
What does "Heart" mean for you? Is your heart something more than a blood pump? If yes, what then? What most called my attention was what, repeatedly, many creative leaders shared with me: "Marie, my creativity is driven by my heart" As a humanist, and in my position of "researcher" I had to admit that there was something in there that I was not able to see, nor understand, clearly.
December 30 - 4 minutes
Leadership coaching: build the future in the here and now.
In conversation with 6 members of the Gig Mindsetter community, all top experts in organizational change, learning, communications, leadership, and management we explore the cross-points of organizational culture, change, leadership, purpose, and business needs to uncover 7 valuable insights that will set you up for future success in the here and now.

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November 2 - 5 minutes
“You are never done. Everybody needs a coach.” Coaching Explained.
You might have already heard that coaching is the most effective way to develop your leadership competencies, that is to consistently advance in your journey of becoming the best leader you could possibly be. However, you still wonder… Should I hire a leadership coach or should I not (yet)? By the end of this post, you will be able to answer the above question all by yourself.
The Journey to the Heart
October 27 - 2 minutes
Every day I wake up and doubt. Shall I believe or shall I not? 
It does not matter if it‘s about fixing a lamp, designing a workshop, or drawing a talk. It happens also when planning for travel or deciding what needs to be done in the here & now. True is that first I have to believe it is possible and then I naturally, almost automatically, start scratching how it would look in my creative mind. The image follows belief like lighting in a thunderbolt storm. Then I can feel it.
September 30 - 5 minutes
3 teamwork truths to improve your performance and continuously grow
For the last couple of months, I have been back on the hardwood, supporting and observing high-performing teams working on and around the basketball court play their best game to deliver top results. In this post, I share three observations I have noted down. They are what I refer to as 3 teamwork truths to level up (or improve) your team game so you can win in every game you play. 

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