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November 2 - 5 minutes
“You are never done. Everybody needs a coach.” Coaching Explained.
You might have already heard that coaching is the most effective way to develop your leadership competencies, that is to consistently advance in your journey of becoming the best leader you could possibly be. However, you still wonder… Should I hire a leadership coach or should I not (yet)? By the end of this post, you will be able to answer the above question all by yourself.
Ethical Heart
October 27 - 2 minutes
Every day I wake up and doubt. Shall I believe or shall I not? 
It does not matter if it‘s about fixing a lamp, designing a workshop, or drawing a talk. It happens also when planning for travel or deciding what needs to be done in the here & now. True is that first I have to believe it is possible and then I naturally, almost automatically, start scratching how it would look in my creative mind. The image follows belief like lighting in a thunderbolt storm. Then I can feel it.
September 30 - 5 minutes
3 teamwork truths to improve your performance and continuously grow
For the last couple of months, I have been back on the hardwood, supporting and observing high-performing teams working on and around the basketball court play their best game to deliver top results. In this post, I share three observations I have noted down. They are what I refer to as 3 teamwork truths to level up (or improve) your team game so you can win in every game you play. 

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A leader of the heart
August 8 - 4 minutes
Keryn Nossal: "I lead with my heart”
When I started this discovery quest, searching for heart-based creative leaders all around the globe, there were not many daring leaders who would answer my call with a such clear and confident voice: “I lead with my heart”. Keryn Nossal is the one talking. She is the Founder and Managing Director of Fancy Films, a B Corp creative content agency based in Melbourne, Australia.
July 4 - 3 minutes
Would you like to know a (creative) secret? ADC Switzerland Creative Days
When I prepare a keynote, public talk, or workshop the first thing I do is to time-travel into the future. Intangible energy is my guide. I sense it, I receive and broadcast it again and again. Sometimes, I cry. Then there is a moment when I feel I just need to start typing and noting the words that resonate on the tip of my tongue. It is a very subtle force.
Biological Heart
June 2 - 3 minutes
Can you remember it? In the beginning, it was heart.
Did you know that the heart forms and starts beating before the brain begins to develop? Right after the spermatozoon and the ovum became one, cells started to multiply and you became a heart. The human heart develops on day 18 or 19 following fertilization. For the next 50 days, your formation took you on a journey across 1 billion years of evolution.

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