Leadership is a state of being. I help daring creative & executive leaders move from restlessness to resonance.

As a Humanist and Communicator, I am on a quest searching for temporary answers to the BIG questions of human existence. Nowadays devoted to study and research what it means to Lead from the Heart exploring the crossroads of Human Values, Leadership, and Creativity.

As Creative Leadership Executive Coach, I help you (and your team/organisation) play at the top of your game: unlocking possibilities, better understanding issues & supporting you to develop the best version of yourself in alignment with your values for positive & sustainable impact.

I work on the base of the heart-based leadership principles, the ones that enable unleashing genuine human connection & unlocking genius creativity in resonance with your soul purpose. I support “players” (coachees) to consistently unfold their best self & creative capabilities by means of tailor-made (playful & artistry-based) exercises and strategies.


Contact here for availability & more information on Heart-based Leadership Executive Coaching, tailor-made workshops, and public speaking.

Email: marie@mariereig.com

Social Media: @marie_reig