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Would you like to know a (creative) secret? ADC Switzerland Creative Days

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July 4, 2022
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When I prepare a keynote, public talk, or workshop the first thing I do is to time-travel into the future.

From my home office, I project my presence and senses into the place and time when I am going to give the talk.

I imagine the room, I look at photos of it. I read about the event. I try to get closer to the people organizing and attending it. In the here and now I move into that future time.

Then… I start a conversation. I say hello, I introduce myself and I talk with the (future) attendees.

I just do it with and from my heart.

Sometimes I speak in silence, sometimes I do it out loud.

For the next days and weeks, while talking with them I listen, take notes, make draws, and further reflect and explore ideas and thoughts.

I am remembering what needs to be said.

Marie Reig Florensa Executive Coach and Public Speaker at ADC Switzerland Creative Days in Zürich

Then there is a moment when I feel I just need to start typing and noting the words that resonate on the tip of my tongue.

It is a very subtle force.

If I’m attentive enough and I don’t hesitate to write the first note and scratch the first draft… then, as if by magic, it all flows.

The talk talks to me and I just need to take notes.

The talk sings its song and I curiously listen as I draw and build up the text and the slides.

“Believe me when I say that the talk has a life force of its own. ”
Marie Reig Florensa

Once I have shaped a few slides, while in my Home Office, I stand up, take a deep breath, and intentionally connect with my heart to explain out loud what I have heard and remembered to the (future) attendees. I am alone in my room, yet I can already somehow sense what they might understand and what needs to be re-drawn.

Intangible energy is my guide. I sense it, I receive and broadcast it again and again.

Sometimes, I cry.

When it happens, love and a deep infinite feeling of connection fill my heart. My heart is full and the universe is on my side. Better said, I can feel it, beating high inside my chest. Rising me to what is infinite.

And then I continue talking with them, the (future) attendees. So together we carry on developing and fine-tuning the talk until I sense it is finally complete. I recognize it because harmonic energy resonates. The circle is closed, and the talk is now ready for the event.

It is such a beautiful moment when I physically get there, to the event location, back into the future, and I finally discover who was (is) in the room.

ADC Switzerland Creative Days, A Leader of the Heart with Marie Reig Florensa

Seating in the audience, are the (unaware) co-creators of what I am going to present. They have been my guides, my muses, and my allies.

Last June (15-17th, 2022) I was in Zürich.

ADC Switzerland Creative Days invited me to celebrate that after two long years we were “Straight out of the home office”.

“A leader of the heart. Are you one of them?” was the title of the talk.

“The Playground of the Heart” was the name of the workshop taking place on the following day.

The last two years have been demanding when it comes to creativity.

Remote collaboration is not the same as onsite presence.

Every context and opportunity makes one or the other the most appropriate one.

I like to be around the ADC Switzerland community.

They are guided by values. They are driven by purpose.

They know creativity shapes the world and that it can generate a meaningful and positive impact.

They do their job driven by top professionalism, care, passion, and love.

They are unique, inspiring, combative, responsible, and pioneering.

They know that the right moment, the right place, and the right vibe sew communities and make creative talents shine.

They know that together we can make the impossible possible.

They know that fulfillment is the result of continuous co-learning and growth.

At ADC Switzerland they lead from the heart.

ADC Switzerland Creative Days

When I am there I feel like a guest back home.

Such beautiful creative souls.
Such a great time.
Such a unique vibe.

Thank you for having me!


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Event Photos ©Tobias Stahel / ADC Switzerland Creative Days ©Dan Cermak

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