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Others make us better. Have you ever observed that?

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May 1, 2022
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The Journey to the Heart


Have you ever observed that? It is others who help us become a better version of ourselves.

My parents made me a “good student”, they educated me to be a thirsty curious lifelong learner. Over the years I have also been very fortunate to have had the trust of my clients, who have given me projects and opportunities to grow.

Equally important has been having the insight of my friends, who have encouraged me to move forward when it was time to do so.

Also, fundamental in shaping me and the opportunities I have been able to take has been the unconditional support of my family, above all the one of my wife Gemma. She has been the strongest pillar in allowing me to have the focus and resources to devote myself to ongoing research and study, next to my professional development, for the last 16 years.

In 2016 I enrolled at the Berlin School, moved by the belief that I could do more and better. Determined to step up to my best self.

In our leadership development journey in fact, what we do is to advance in the discovery and understanding of the self and our interactions with others.

If there is something my fellow peers at the Berlin School of Creative Leadership have taught me during the EMBA journey is the importance of being more of my authentic self.

“In our leadership development journey what we do is to advance in the discovery and understanding of the self and our interactions with others.”
Marie Reig Florensa

Today I celebrate having received the Valedictorian award 2021 for the best academic performance. I am very proud to have achieved academic excellence by means of being true to my values and soul purpose.

I am especially happy to have had the opportunity to do so by promoting a better understanding of what it means to (truly) lead from the heart (beyond assumptions and stereotypes).

It is along this journey that I have better understood that we are only in a relationship with others, that nothing can be achieved individually or isolated from others. It is the others that make us better.

I would not have learned half, I would not have achieved half without the insights, encouragement, and support of my peers and instructors.

Both when I asked for support and also and most importantly when I did not but they saw I was in need or that it would help me to move forward in the direction of my best self.

With this Valedictorian recognition, we celebrate that “superlative performance”, as described by one of my tutors, has been achieved by “offering and asking for help without hesitation (…) by engaging and encouraging both instructors and peers”.

This is how support nets (networks) are sewn. The ones that allow us to take the leap to deliver our best.

It is key to observe that in truth:

“You make me the way I am, and I make you the way you are.

We are one. We become who we are in interaction with each other”.

In receiving this acknowledgment, I am deeply honored to be able to say that I am truly representing each one of the TOP Creative Leaders from around the globe with whom I have had the privilege to share this (self-)discovery adventure.

I would also like to use this chance to publicly recognize the pioneering spirit, daring support, and professional trust of my clients, who over those last +16 years have intentionally welcomed the practical implementation and development of the ongoing learning and research process in their organizations and teams, making the most of the power of win-win, possibility mindset, and co-creative strategies.


The beauty of the destination is in the human quality of the journey.


The beauty of the destination is indeed in the human quality of the journey. You make me the way I am, I make you the way you are.

We are Berlin School of Creative Leadership Valedictorians 2021!

Thank you for helping me grow.


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